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Harrison Sones - COO

Harrison heads EIMS's growth efforts and oversees operations. In addition, Harrison serves as a director for a number of U.S. and international ownership structures which hold a variety of assets, including real estate, securities, private equity, and other types of investments. Harrison received his Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was honored as a Regents Scholar.

Our Story

Julie Gilbert – CEO

Ms. Gilbert is an attorney who has served as President of EIMS since 1986. As President of EIMS, Ms. Gilbert serves as an independent director for institutional and private clients. Ms. Gilbert has decades of experience in real estate investing and development, asset management, corporate organization and financial reporting, as well as tax, audit and governance issues. Moreover, she has extensive experience assisting international firms and families in connection with managing their U.S. real estate and businesses. Ms. Gilbert earned her Juris Doctor from the University of California at Davis and received her Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude from University of California at Los Angeles where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She is a member of the State Bar of California.

Who Led Us Here

Aaron Sones – CFO

Dr. Sones serves as CFO of EIMS. Dr. Sones founded Physicians Management Group (”PMG”) in 1992 and served as its CEO until he sold it to a private equity firm in 2007. Starting with one employee and one client, the company grew to over 350 employees and over 500 clients. In 2006, prior to the sale of PMG, Dr. Sones assumed his current roles at EIMS. Dr. Sones received his M.D. from UCLA School of Medicine and B.A. from University of California Davis.

Where We Are

Unmatched level of service.

Versatility – adept at handling many types of assets, whether situated inside or outside the U.S.


Staying power – decades of experience; decades of success.

How We Got Here

EIMS's heritage dates to the 1960s, when its Zürich-based founders began to expand their asset acquisitions globally. They officially founded EIMS in 1983 to manage their U.S. real estate investments, which included office buildings, residential properties and raw land throughout the U.S. Ms. Gilbert joined the business three years after its founding and began to generate new opportunities. Under her leadership, EIMS expanded by offering a broader range of services. As EIMS grew, Aaron founded and operated a healthcare company, Physicians Management Group (“PMG”), which he ultimately sold to a private equity firm. Additionally, prior to the sale of PMG, Aaron joined EIMS in his current roles and brought additional clients and investment opportunities with him. EIMS became what it is today under Julie, Aaron and Harrison’s leadership by never wavering from the core principles of its founders: client service, protecting capital and finding creative solutions.

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