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Expertise - For Families

EIMS provides asset management, fiduciary services, family office services, and a variety of related services. In these capacities, EIMS has decades of experience handling a wide range of assets, from commercial real estate to holding companies to investment funds. 


EIMS is an in-house team for its clients. Our team always responds in a timely manner and tenaciously follows through.


EIMS protects the financial future of its clients through successful management of their assets. EIMS’s flexible approach allows clients to find the ideal balance between maintaining control and delegating any level of responsibility to EIMS.

Asset Management

EIMS helps protect capital and works tirelessly to grow assets. After decades of managing various types of assets, EIMS’s track record speaks for itself. EIMS primarily handles the following types of assets:

- Multifamily Properties

- Residential Subdivisions and Single-Family Homes

- Commercial Office Buildings

- Closely Held U.S. Businesses

- Family Holding Companies


EIMS is always a fiduciary, no matter what specific services it is providing, because EIMS puts its clients’ interests first.


Many service providers are not fiduciaries. For example, the service providers sell investment products but are only required to function in a way that is ‘suitable’ for clients – they are not obligated to put clients’ interests first.


EIMS upholds a much higher standard. Our company’s interests are fully in line with our clients’ interests. 


For all the services described on this site, EIMS serves as a fiduciary. In addition to all these services, EIMS operates as a fiduciary in the more limited roles below:

- Agent

- Executor

- Power of Attorney

- Escrow and other types of payment services, specifically those related to real estate transactions

Family Office

The term ‘Family Office’ can mean many different things, but EIMS makes its role as clear as possible – when working with our team, family office simply means EIMS is the client’s one point of contact for a broad set of financial needs.


To the extent that clients need assistance with complicated tax and/or legal issues, EIMS has long standing relationships with top lawyers, accountants and other types of advisers. EIMS’s experience reviewing complex technical matters enables it to handle all communication with the advisers if the clients wish EIMS to do so.


Giving may be a core aspect of clients’ financial objectives. EIMS handles various aspects of clients’ philanthropic efforts, including coordinating advice and serving as directors or managers of charitable entities. By assisting in the implementation of efficient structures and employing prudent practices, we ensure that clients’ charitable endeavors are gratifying, fulfilling and effective.


There is more than meets the eye when it comes to giving on a large scale. Influential, meaningful philanthropy requires expertise. EIMS will discuss clients’ charitable goals with them and their legal teams and help create the optimal structures to achieve the goals. EIMS’s philanthropic services relate to the following:

- Charitable Trusts

- Foundations

- Governance

- Direct Donations

- Development of Giving Strategies

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