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Expertise - For Businesses

EIMS offers the full range of corporate and management services for U.S. and non-U.S. entities. Often EIMS assists companies headquartered abroad with their expansion into the U.S.


EIMS works with its clients from the ground up, top down or both — providing entity formation, structuring, independent directors and managers, banking relationships and a variety of professional relationships.


With EIMS handling the details, the clients are able to focus on the big picture.


With decades of experience stewarding clients’ companies, EIMS possesses extensive management experience in a wide range of industries and markets. EIMS has guided ecommerce platforms, real estate investment companies, healthcare companies and other types of organizations through every stage of the business lifecycle.


Clients may want EIMS to fill a limited executive role, take on complete management responsibilities, or something in between. EIMS will perform any services that clients need, including the following:

- Directorships

- Real Estate Acquisition and Development

- Financial Oversight and Budgeting

Corporate Services

If clients have new businesses or non-U.S. businesses that are expanding into the U.S., there may be matters that the clients do not have the expertise or desire to handle. Further, clients may want EIMS’s guidance on a limited basis. That is where our corporate services come in.


EIMS will work with clients and their lawyers on structuring their entities, and EIMS will ensure that the process operates fluidly. Like EIMS’s management services, our corporate services span many industries and apply to businesses of all sizes. EIMS supports start-ups, multibillion-dollar real estate businesses, financial services companies and many more. Our corporate services include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Special Purpose Vehicles

- Formation and Organization of New Entities

- Creation of Governance Plans

- Risk Management

- Compliance Services


If you work with EIMS on one or more of the other services listed on this site, EIMS will also handle other administrative work for you. The details matter, and EIMS will make sure every penny and document are accounted for. Our administrative services include the following:

- Corporate Maintenance (registered agent services and completion of state filings)

- Coordination of Tax Return Preparation

- Document Management

- Accounting and Payroll Management

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